About me

Tech founder and software engineer - founded Tech For Palestine, CircleCI and Darklang.

Irish, based in NYC after a decade in SF.

Functional languages, devtools, progressive politics, tech, pastries. Recurser. (he/him)

Feel free to reach out for advice on startups, devtools, or programming: paul.biggar@gmail.com

Tech For Palestine

With a group of 40 others, I helped start Tech for Palestine, and now help run it.


I've been working on Darklang since late 2016. I'm taking a hiatus to work on Tech For Palestine. You can follow that work in various places:

Past self

I previously was founder and CEO of CircleCI, and remain on the board. I wrote a bunch of early stuff on the CircleCI blog, including this piece that I'm extremely proud of.

I also did a PhD in Compilers and Static Analysis, and my research papers are online (also includes some research on sorting algorithms)